Unified Solutions is a Human Resources Service Organization (HRSO) based in the Metro New York area.

We have over 40 years of experience working with business entities ranging from small organizations to Fortune 500 corporations and United States Government agencies. We welcome the challenge to work with organizations and help design up-to-date employee training programs as well as work with HR managers who are looking to locate top talent. The only way to do that is by adding new team members that embrace your core culture and objectives as their own. We employ proprietary forensic search techniques to locate the best possible candidate for a position. We meet and extensively interview candidates, and based on those results make recommendations accordingly. Nothing is perfect in an imperfect world, however our success rate in finding the right candidate is exceptionally high.

Our History

We started out in the late 1970's with two strategically located offices, one in New York City and one in White Plains, NY.  The technological luxuries taken for granted today were non-existent at that time; we had a telephone, a fax machine, and The New York Times to seek out candidates. We were the first agency anywhere to use an experimental IBM computing matching system. Besides weighing a couple of hundred pounds, the system was essentially ineffective. What was effective was our unique consulting practice at the time. We were fortunate to have trained with many great professionals: like well-known author and consultant in Human Resources Management, Dr. Arthur Pell;  leading expert on employment law in the United States, A. Bernard Frechtman Esq; and corporate consultant Anthony Bruno, well-known consultative recruitment specialist. Eventually we grew to 110 agencies in the United States.

Working in the technology sector for organizations based in Silicon Valley, New England and Europe, we have amassed a great wealth of experience that is valuable to companies that are growing and taking their initiatives to the next level. It still takes people to grow a business and it takes the right people to grow an enterprise.